Meet Shemeka The fearless founder behind – & of course, in front of – your favorite brand! At Ari52, our fly-conic offerings are carefully curated to help you explore looks that fuel you to operate with intention and that are always authentic to your core values. Our brand was founded on the belief that all credit card cuties on duty should never have to settle in their pursuit of unique statement pieces that epitomize class, pizzazz and a little badass. Named partly in honor of my late mother - who largely influenced my love of fashion - I was also raised with the ideals that true style is a timeless series of bold risks that exude quality in addition to an air of affluence.


The Angels

Who are our angels? They are passion-driven forces of nature who possess an attractive combination of vitality & glamour and they fully appreciate that a little luxury makes life worth living. Further, she is a misty eyed girl with something electrifying to share with the world and she understands that the garments on her person speaks before she ever parts her lips… & that’s always sexy as hell, right?